!0 year old girl with anxiety 

I cant thank you enough as you have helped my daughter to feel better about herself and given her the tools to control her anxious feelings.She says she feels happy again and i can see that she's more like the happy little soul that she used to be. 

It was really inspiring to watch you work with M and you have helped us immensely. 

Depression and anxiety 

"I had a severe history of chronic depression, anxiety and " breakdowns " since my late teens. I was visibly anxious, paranoid,tearful, with dramatic ups and downs.i knew that the " talking cures" had not reached the real problem. Few people understood when I tried to describe it. After several sessions with Nikki I felt like a new person.  The techniques used helped me a lot and I use them at home.  Nikki is exceptionally empathetic and intuitive and I have already recommended her  and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to a friend."  

Shame and guilt 

Nikki had a good manner, she was really easy to open up to and is trustworthy, it was a pleasure to work with her. I was having problems with shame, anxiety, and past events that were in my mind. i couldn't think or plan for future. I just wasn't myself. Hypnotherapy has helped me in so many ways, how to think differently, and not worry about certain people and past events. i was having so many problems, now i'm getting back to myself and enjoying being motivated.

Smoking cessation 

 "It’s now almost 18 months since I went to see Nikki about my smoking habit.This was a full on addiction and one I thought I enjoyed... at least 20 strong ones a day and, to be frank, I possibly picked a time when there was a lot of stressful stuff going on for me that stopping wasn’t going to be easy.

 Nevertheless; a year and a half on I can honestly say I’ve not felt the urge to spark up again, regardless of circumstances, locations or previous routines. I don’t miss it a bit, it never crosses my mind and I’m extremely grateful to be free of the craving, coughing, smell and expense that smoking entails. I don’t use gums, patches or those “vape-thingies” either.

 I would whole- heartedly recommend Nikki’s services as a  comfortable way of escaping the clutches of nicotine and starting a new,cleaner way of living."

Walking anxiety

 "I was having problems with walking unaided. This was not physical but brought on by a fear/phobiaThis affected me enormously from walking around my house and garden to restricting my ability to leave the house alone.There was a marked improvement after my first session with Nikki. Each session Nikki tried different techniques and  helped me to relax and generally feel less anxious and I became more confident that I could overcome the problem. After my last session I stayed with my daughter in Spain and I was aware of a marked improvement and my legs no longer feeling as if they did not want to move and take the next step. Since then I have had the confidence to go out alone and increase my activities.I found Nikki very easy to talk to from the first consultation. I looked forward to my sessions and found her very comforting and understanding. I was totally relaxed with her.Nikki has said that I have come this far myself with her guidance. However I am sure that without her sessions I would not have the got to the point I am now. I am enjoying life again, feel more positive and have learnt to deal with any fears that creep in. I would definitely recommend Nikki to anyone needing similar help."


Fear of flying 

"Im just back from New York . I just want to say a huge thank you for your help with my flying issue.The flight out was like a dream, I had no anxiety at all not even a flutter. On the way to the airport I was excited and happy to be going. When I walked on the plane I felt calm. We had turbulence but it didn't faze me at all. I was amazed that anything I had ever felt before didn't even come close to this experience.Thank you so much,will definitely be recommending it to anyone who also finds flying difficult" 


Depression and anxiety 

" I came to see Nikki with feelings of worthlessness, feeling I did not deserve happiness, feeling there was no future.I was stuck in a rut and knew I needed to change. I was always bursting into tears, avoiding people, feeling like there was a black cloud hanging over me constantly and couldn't see into the future without tremendous fear.I now feel like a different person. I am happy, positive, and understand what the problems were which were affecting me and the people around me. The tools used in the sessions were very effective and helped me enormously. I did not know which events in my life had been causing the problems which had manifested themselves before I went to see Nikki, and now I am aware of these and am able to deal with them constructively.Nikki is warm and empathetic and provides a safe place in which to explore and discover what is lying within oneself which has been buried under layers of living, yet are responsible for not achieving the happiness and fulfilment we all deserve. I truly feel like I am a different person having completed work with Nikki.I can't recommend Nikki and her methods highly enough."


Message from a client who had a severe fear of needles 

"I had my injection done this morning and I used the breathing techniques you taught me and it went very well. I was really relaxed and it was over very quickly and I feel really proud of myself .Thank you for all your help, I dont think I would have been able to do it without you!!"

Over eating 

"I had got into bad habits of eating lots of chocolate and biscuits between meals ,even when I wasn't hungry. I had become overweight,feeling tired all the time and this was affecting my long term health.It was amazing,instantly I didn't crave chocolate or biscuits and was able to take control. After several weeks I felt better, I had a lot more energy and could see my long term health improving. Nikki put me at ease,listened to everything I had to say and helped to change my thought patterns with easy steps leaving me feeling refreshed. I am amazed at how easy Nikki reprogrammed my thoughts and should have done this years ago! I have been on diets in the past but I have always felt hungry and eventually put all my weight back on. Cognitive Hypnotherapy has helped me take control of my health and well being. "

Extreme anxiety

"I came to see Nikki, as for a long time, I'd been suffering from anxiety. This was getting worse after the death of my son.  I found myself worrying about all sorts of things that could happen, when in all probability they would not. I often lost sleep or felt compelled to leave early, check and double-check things to make sure that everything went to plan.

 After working with Nikki I found my mind felt lighter and I am now more able to process things and put them in to perspective. My anxiety levels have decreased so much and Im sleeping much better. If I do get a little anxious I use the relaxation techniques Nikki taught me and they have made a very positive difference. I found the personalised recordings Nikki made me very helpful aswell and I listened to them daily. 

Nikki has a great manner, very calming and whatever I  wanted to talk about, she gave me the time to speak. She put me at ease and explained everything really well. I highly recommend her ."

Extract from an email sent by the mother of an 11 year old client with an acute fear of dogs

"My daughter has made huge progress in regards to dogs. I'm so pleased with how it's gone, I can't tell you. We went to the beach at the weekend and we took a friend of hers with us. She didn't even mention dogs before we walked down and even when there was a dog a little way off it's lead she still didn't say anything! I was chuffed! We were at my mums yesterday and she was looking after 2 dogs. P made friends with them and was sitting on the floor cuddling them for ages.Its a huge positive change .Thank you . "

Overcoming barriers 

"Nikki Parsons is the best kind of therapist...she helps you open the doors to your inner self and to your memories that have long been shut. But it is you that does the opening, you do the discovering and therefore it is you that does the healing. Over 6 weeks of working with Nikki, I found my way back to the real Me that I had come close to forgetting, and all the barriers that I had placed in my own way, that stopped me from leading the life I wanted and deserved, began to melt away." 

Weight loss

" I came to see Nikki as I had recently lost my son and was also concerned about my weight. I was becoming very low in spirit and finding taking control of my life ( particularly eating )very difficult. After working with Nikki I was much improved and continued to cope. Nikki's techniques were very useful and I continue to use them. Her manner and empathy were beyond reproach. Nikki made me feel comfortable and secure whilst remaining completely professional." 


"When I came to see Nikki I was suffering from anxiety which stopped me eating and sleeping. I was losing weight and only sleeping for a few hours each night. Nikki was so helpful and understanding. I had never talked about my anxiety before but after the first session I was like a new me and  felt so much better. When I had finished all my sessions my eating had improved a lot and I was sleeping much better. I would recommend Nikki to anyone as Ive not felt this happy or healthy for years. "

Smoking cessation 

" I became a non-smoker with Nikki's help on 2nd October 2015 and I cant believe its now the 4th November. It feels like I haven't smoked in a long time and I do not miss it one bit. All good so far. It's an amazing feeling and has reduced my stress levels. I'm certainly enjoying my life so much more than when I was planning my next nicotine hit!" Louise (Nov 2015)

Severe migraines 

'Following EFT and hypnotherapy with Nikki I  have been migraine free for 6 years. Before seeing Nikki I had 3 or more migraines a month which left me in bed all day and she has literally changed my life and taken away the fear of never knowing when I would have one. I have seen Nikki a couple of times since during some stressful periods of my life for top up EFT and Hypnotherapy sessions which have again been really helpful in addressing the issues I had. Nikki's reassuring and calm manner immediately put me at ease during the sessions and she explained fully what would happen during treatment leaving me feeling totally in control. I really recommend Nikki for hypnotherapy or EFT it is life changing!' R.xx 

Eating anxiety 

"Nikki was very kind and understanding and helped my daughter overcome severe anxiety problems, particularly around food. The process and change worked very quickly and my daughter now has tools to help deal with any situations which cause her to feel anxious. I am delighted with the positive change in her since seeing Nikki. I would highly recommend her.  Many thanks again"  Sarah 

Body confidence 

“ I had been experiencing an acute fear of exercising in public. Despite loving swimming I felt terrified at the thought of being seen in the pool. So I went to see Nikki. Nikki spent time with me using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and completely turned it around for me. She is absolutely amazing and I cant recommend her and her services enough. I now feel I can embark on any fitness journey and its all thanks to her"

General issues 
Sunkissed Tanning
 – 5 star Nikki is very very good, she can help you with anything, and is highly trained in so much, I would recommend (Oct 14)

Lisa Sims – 5 star I would not be where I am today if it was not for Nikki's help and understanding.
I would always turn to her and her skills whenever I need them to get through tough periods of life xxx Thank you as always Nikki xxx
(Oct 14)

Emotional pain 

“ Before I experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapy nothing had brought me any lasting relief from the emotional pain I was experiencing. I have now let go of both physical and emotional pain and feel safe, relaxed and confident. I can't thank Nikki enough.”
Elizabeth (Sep 14)

"Nikki is a very skilled practitioner and I immediately felt safe and at ease with her. The techniques she used with me in the session were amazingly empowering, transformative and life changing. Highly recommended."
(Aug 14)

Swift unlocking by magic

'Friends often describe me as a rather private person, but Nikki’s friendly and professional manner has always put me quickly at ease.

Nikki has treated me several times over the past three years, using different forms of therapy and I found it to be a profound and positive experience. 

Following a Cognitive Hypnotherapy session with Nikki at the beginning of this year, I soon found that things were beginning to ‘shift’ in positive and incredible ways - and on many levels of my life. I feel I must stress that if you are expecting a traditional counselling session (something that Nikki is also qualified to do!) Cognitive Hypnotherapy – in fact, all other therapies that Nikki is skilled and trained to deliver - is a totally different experience. Rather than being a lengthy and difficult process, it is more a swift ‘unlocking by magic’.' (Aug 14)

Personal healing and growth 
'When my tears have rolled - always unexpectedly, and occasionally also prolifically! – Nikki’s extremely caring yet, at the same time, impartial professionalism has swiftly negated any momentary feelings of embarrassment. 

Her kind and gentle presence has enabled me to face some painful ‘demons’ and events from my past, some of which I had forgotten were even a problem for me – and some that I had forgotten were there at all. Being able to release and let go of events and situations that had been buried for so many years has been crucial to my own personal healing and growth. Nikki is a very special individual and I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced her therapy treatments.  I believe that Nikki has a gift for healing others and this is clearly evident in her work.'

Ellen (June 14)