Confident Childbirth

Confident Childbirth is about having the birth you want and feeling good about it afterwards.

How can I help you to have a positive birth experience?

· Childbirth can be a positive experience, there is no need to feel anxious or helpless.

· I would help you to have the birth that is right and positive for you, whether or not you have pain relief or medical intervention.

· I can guide you to know how to communicate your wishes and make informed and confident  choices as birth proceeds.

· Each mother is different and each baby unique and I can guide you to develop your own set of mental tools, including techniques for managing discomfort.

· My goal is to enable you to feel calmer, in control and positive, whatever is going on and wherever you may be.

· Chemical pain relief and/or medical interventions can be  positive options confidently chosen at the right moment for mother and baby and part of a good experience of birth.

· I believe in normalising birth, which means seeing birth as a natural process that women’s bodies have evolved being able to do.

· The body does know how to do it and one of my key tasks is to help you trust your body and its instincts so that it can perform its task as smoothly as possible.

I work with women on their own, with couples, and in small groups. During pregnancy I can help with any concerns you have, sleep problems and dealing with other peoples beliefs about pregnancy. 

I can also help with building confidence for parenthood, concerns about breastfeeding, and give you psychological skills for dealing with the challenge of a new baby, perhaps within a larger family.

4 sessions during pregnancy is the ideal amount but this can vary and I offer reduced rates for booking four sessions ahead  

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Have you had a previous traumatic birth?

Through hypnotherapy I can help to release the memories of an unpleasant experience and look forward to this next birth. 

With all the mental tools you will learn the next birth can be a completely different and positive experience.